How to set the backup path of the Auto backup function for DPD6N?

Category : Setup / Operation
Please refer to the following configuration and directly input the backup path.
\\IP address\the name of the backup folder

(Note: Please check that the access permission of the Advanced Sharing for the backup folder has been allowed.)

For example, the IP address of the backup PC is, and the name of the backup folder is DPB. Thus, the backup path shall be inputted as \\\DPB

Note: Please check the limitations as indicated below before operating the Auto backup function.
1. Please use alphanumeric characters to name your Windows account and backup folder.
2. The name of the backup folder shall not include spaces.
3. Windows Account must include a password.
4. Windows Account/Password shall not include spaces. Please also avoid using special characters.
5. Windows Account shall not exceed 15 characters.
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